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“The Government of Vanuatu appreciates the support of its partners, ADB and ZMW, in this truly remarkable pilot project,” said Mr. Nirua who led the commissioning ceremony. “This technology fills a critical gap in providing safe drinking water to the Petros school community and we hope this pilot may be extended beyond the education sector.” […]

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The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) supports the development of renewable energy technology by providing funding, networks and knowledge in Australia. ARENA funding programs are aimed at turning innovators’ bright ideas into real world energy solutions. ARENA’s Investment Plan includes a focus on supporting replicable, innovative and efficient adoption of renewable energy solutions across the […]

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While rainfall may be plentiful in Tanna, safe drinking water is not. And captured rainwater is regularly contaminated by sulphur dust from Mt. Yasur. Seeing this constraint, an ADB team helped conceptualize a possible solution with the Government of Vanuatu and Zero Mass Water. Working in partnership, we began a pilot project about nine months […]

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The private sector can play a pivotal role in relieving the impact of the drought, and US expertise can help, US consul general in Cape Town Virginia Blaser said on Tuesday. Blaser was speaking at the launch of a new solar “water from air” device by Zero Mass Water, a US company based in Arizona. […]


The world is full of water, flushing down our toilets and flowing from our taps. And yet where I live, in the American Southwest, and quite possibly where you live, the kind of water people need to survive is getting harder to come by. Across the region, temperatures are rising and droughts are getting more […]

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The hydropanel. It looks a bit like a solar panel. Indeed, it is part solar— the side sections create heat using solar thermal technology (see photo, above); the center two sections of each panel are full of solar cells So it does generate a little electricity, enough to operate its fans, pump, and electronics. But […]

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Ask This Old House smart technology expert Ross Trethewey finds a solar panel that can generate clean drinking water out of thin air. Copyright to: Ask This Old House,  This Old House Ventures, LLC

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Cody Friesen, CEO of Zero Mass Water, fundamentally changing our relationship to water at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017. Copyright to: Hello Tomorrow, Web Style Productions, BETAVITA and IMMAGINARTI Digital & Video

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge The founder of Zero Mass Water told me that this kind of early November heat was actually mild for the Arizona desert – and that regardless of the dry climate, he and his team were still able to produce water. Because that’s what Zero Mass does: harvest drinking […]

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Zero Mass Water has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for SOURCE, its hydropanel that makes the highest-quality drinking water by combining sunlight and air. Selected by a panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media, SOURCE has been recognized for its outstanding design and engineering in the smart […]