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    Whether looking to expand your clean technology portfolio or reach a new market altogether, distributing SOURCE Hydropanels differentiates your company from the competition. Zero Mass Water partners around the world work every day to sell, install and service Hydropanels in their communities.

  • “The elegance in this solution is that it provides [drinking water] while also displacing plastic water bottles that are contributors to our climate challenge. Zero Mass Water's delivery of an innovative solution embodies the kind of partnerships most desired by the Accelerator," -Sir Richard Branson

  • The Source Hydropanel is an off-grid, solar-powered technology that extracts water vapor from the air into a proprietary absorbent material. The technology was developed by US-based Zero Mass Water, and brought to the [Philippines] in collaboration with its local partner Green Heat Corp.

  • Denver Botanic Gardens has long been committed to advancing water-efficient gardening and agricultural principals... They partnered with Zero Mass Water to incorporate solar-powered atmospheric water harvesting devices into urban farming plots.

  • They were stuck with the tainted supply until WA company Wilco Electrical heard about their plight. The company donated six solar Hydropanels, which have now been installed at the outback community.

  • The ADB, Zero Mass Water, and the Government of Vanuatu worked in partnership to install 20 solar-powered drinking water units that convert moisture in the air into safe drinking water.

Expand Your Business with SOURCE

  • A SOURCE Partner has 500 customers

  • 10% of their customers are interested in SOURCE

  • They sell 50 Hydropanel arrays at $4,500 and perform 50 installations at $1,000

  • The SOURCE partner generated an additional $275,000 in revenue from their current customers

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    Your customers don’t have a perfect water solution. Instead they make tradeoffs compromising quality, sustainability, or independence with their water choice. Introducing SOURCE Hydropanels to your market gives current and new customers the drinking water they’ve been looking for.

    Our partners work with a wide range of customers and applications:

    • Residential Homes
    • Water for Bottling
    • Off-Grid Sites
    • Schools
    • Restaurants
    • Wildlife/Parks
    • Disaster/Emergency
    • Hotels
    • Offices

  • What To Expect

    Certified SOURCE partners gain access to many benefits:

    • 25% to 40% margin on each installation
    • 24/7 Support from our Network Operations Center
    • Access to SOURCE marketing materials and collateral
    • SOURCE installation and sales training
    • Special invitation to our annual partners conference

    • "Hydroscot Energies is proud to be part of a solution that promotes sustainability and ethical methods of doing so. It is a real rarity and makes getting up for work easy! The support we have received from the ZMW team is second to none, and it's exciting to witness this fantastic company expand alongside ours."

    • "I believe that water is life. This is why Zero Mass Water is a key for us as a partner. Humans depend so much on water that having the freedom of creating water using the sun is awesome."

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