These Solar Panels Can Pull Clean Drinking Water Out Of The Air – Business Insider

by Business Insider,
Around the world, approximately 2.1 billion people do not have immediate access to clean drinking water. A startup called Zero Mass Water aims to make clean water easily accessible to more people around the world. In 2015, it launched its first product, Source — a solar panel array that harvests and filters water from vapor in the air. The company has installed the devices in 11 countries, including Chile, Jordan, Peru, and the US, where it became available in late 2017. Now, SOURCE is adding Australia to that list. The arrays are customized based on the customer’s needs, Friesen said. A typical SOURCE for a home has two panels, while one designed for a school in Mexico City with 50 students has 10 panels. If a two-panel array harvested 5 liters of water daily, that would be enough for an American family of three. Copyright to: Business Insider