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    Scalable Drinking Water With No Tradeoffs

    The water you provide should be perfect, but today it isn’t. Most of your water options do not actually meet your needs, they leave you compromising your water quality, resilience or sustainability. With SOURCE you have the only perfect drinking water solution, no tradeoffs required.

  • Location: Veresdale, Australia

    Application: Water for Bottling

    Water: Up to 30,000 liters per month

  • Location: Bali, Indonesia

    Application: School

    Water: Up to 900 liters per month

  • Location: Austin, Texas

    Application: Sustainable Community

    Water: Up to 600 liters per month

  • Location: Byron Bay, Australia

    Application: Restaurant

    Water: Up to 1,500 liters per month

  • Location: Tripoli, Lebanon

    Application: Home for Seniors

    Water: Up to 1,050 liters per month

  • Location: Kingston, Jamaica

    Application: Hospital

    Water: Up to 3000 liters per month

  • Location: Maharastra, India

    Application: School

    Water: Up to 900 liters per month

  • Location: Samburu, Kenya

    Application: Girl’s Foundation

    Water: Up to 6000 liters per month

  • Get SOURCE For

    Your Community


    Whether purchasing Hydropanels or just the water produced on-site, you can perfect your water.

    • Water for Bottling
    • Hotels
    • Off-Grid Sites
    • Disaster & Emergency
    • Restaurants
    • Wildlife & Parks
    • Remote Communities
    • Schools
    • Offices

  • The Whisper Valley community recently installed Zero Mass Water's SOURCE Hydropanels at its clubhouse. They've come in handy under the City of Austin's boil water notice.

  • But the hospital now has a new source of readily available, clean drinking water: It’s using solar-powered “Hydropanels” on the roof that pull moisture from the air.

  • Residents can now enjoy high-quality, renewable drinking water following the installation of 10 Hydropanels at the Muswellbrook Indoor Sports Centre.

  • Technology that produces drinking water from sunlight and air has been installed at Petros Primary School on the Vanuatu island of Tanna.

  • Samburu Girls' rescue centre taps solar technology to end water woes.

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