Renewable Drinking Water: Zero Mass Water Introduces SOURCE Fields and Water-As-A-Service Model

Deploying its Hydropanel technology at scale globally, Zero Mass Water provides a clean, sustainable and resilient community drinking water solution, powered by just sunlight and air.

LAS VEGAS—JANUARY 6th, 2020—Zero Mass Water, a technology company dedicated to making clean water a boundless resource, today announced a new capability to rapidly create and deliver renewable water with its SOURCE Hydropanel technology across the globe, at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show.

Zero Mass Water has deployed multiple SOURCE Fields—large-scale Hydropanel arrays that capture the power of sunlight and air to produce renewable drinking water—to create an ongoing supply of water for communities and businesses. Able to operate independently of an electrical grid, SOURCE Fields can be deployed virtually anywhere in the world, capable of producing millions of gallons of renewable drinking water at a single site annually.

To date, Zero Mass Water has four SOURCE Fields to service nearby communities and businesses, with several others in development and construction. Applications and locations of each SOURCE Field include:

Phoenix, AZ: An array creating up to 182,500 liters of water annually, servicing local businesses in the Valley of the Sun, such as restaurants and grocery stores, introducing sustainably-sourced renewable drinking water as an alternative to tap and plastic bottled water in a metropolitan area known for its arid droughts and water stress.

Queensland, Australia: An array creating up to 1 million liters of water annually, selling water under contract to a Waddi Springs, premium water bottling company that is selling a localized, non-extractive and responsibly packaged solution. Southeast Queensland is one of the most high-density markets for bottled water consumption in Australia, primarily reliant PET packaged bottled and premium water imported from international markets. With a local SOURCE Field, Waddi Springs can offer a renewable alternative that doesn’t waste Australia’s natural resources, providing a localized, plastic-free alternative in the market.

Dubai, UAE (Platinum Heritage): An array creating up to 182,500 liters of water annually, designed for the Platinum Heritage group known for its sustainable desert safaris highlighting the local Emirati culture and heritage. With access to an onsite SOURCE Field, the hospitality group is able to sustainably create drinking water for its guests in the arid Arabian desert, no longer needing to rely on long distance water deliveries from desalination plants.

Dubai, UAE (Blue Eyes): An array creating up to 1 million liters of water annually for Blue Eyes, an emerging packaged water brand differentiating by launching the only renewable water product available in their market. All of Dubai’s drinking water is created through desalination, which is expensive, energy intensive and detrimental to marine life, and access to a SOURCE Field enables a more sustainable future across the Emirates.

Pioneering a new category for water, Zero Mass Water’s SOURCE Fields bring to life the company’s mission to make drinking water an unlimited resource. The SOURCE Fields water solution is achieved with two different models: (1) A customer contracts for a certain amount of water per month in what is called a Water Purchase Agreement (WPA), and they pay in real-time for the water produced at the SOURCE Field; or (2) A customer purchases a SOURCE Field outright, owning the lifetime production of water. The optionality in payment models provide Zero Mass Water customers with greater flexibility and increases the accessibility of SOURCE Fields to global stakeholders through “switch and save” opportunities that are increasingly attractive as a way to dramatically reduce the consumption of PET bottles and connect communities to clean drinking water that is faster, more effective and more affordable than centralized infrastructure models.

“We are fundamentally changing the human relationship to water, and what we are seeing today with our SOURCE Fields is just the beginning of the full promise: a sustainable future where a limitless supply of safe drinking water is a reality instead of a myth,” said Cody Friesen, CEO and Founder, Zero Mass Water. “Water stress around the world is increasing, and the fact that we’re able to create water in an economic, sustainable and accessible fashion should give the world hope, with SOURCE Fields creating the blueprint to truly deliver drinking water for every person in every place.”

“At first, I was not fully convinced that Hydropanels would generate premium drinking water in the middle of the hot environment like our SOURCE Field in the Platinum Heritage Desert Camp, but now, I am a witness that SOURCE Water in the middle of the desert isn’t a mirage, it’s a reality,” said Arthur Ortiz, General Manager at Platinum Heritage, Dubai, UAE.

SOURCE Hydropanels make drinking water using only sunlight and air, made possible by the combination of thermodynamics, materials science and controls technology. SOURCE Hydropanels function by first adsorbing water vapor from the air onto a hygroscopic material. The efficient application of solar energy causes the water vapor to respire from the materials inside the Hydropanel, raising the relative humidity to a passively condensing vapor. As the hygroscopic materials only attract water molecules, the liquid water produced is pure, not unlike distilled. The innovations behind SOURCE earned the 2019 Lemelson-MIT Prize, awarded for invention by the top technical institution in the world.

SOURCE Hydropanels will be on display at CP-5 in the Central Plaza. To learn more about SOURCE Fields and how to receive water from one, visit


Zero Mass Water’s vision is to perfect water for every person, every place. We created SOURCE Water, produced by Hydropanels powered by sunlight and air, so every person in nearly every corner of the earth can have truly exceptional water and the means of producing it. Zero Mass Water is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, USA with partners across the globe.

For more information, visit or follow Zero Mass Water on Twitter @zeromasswater.

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