Lupe Fiasco On New World Water, And Changing The World With His Bars Before Leaving Rap Behind – Vibe Media

by Vibe,
“People focus on Flint, but Flint is part of a small piece of a wider problem. There are cities all across this country that potentially can have the same issues, and are suffering from the same issues. These antiquated water systems and lead in the pipes and the privatization of the water supply.” “‘You never have to worry about where your water is coming from because it is coming from you.’ It’s a creation just as futuristic and socially-minded as Lupe’s bars, and he’s actually helped install the panels himself in Jordan and the Philippines.” “His investment in Zero Mass Water has him just as excited as other rappers would be about a platinum plaque. ‘It doesn’t matter if I sell a million records. I’m cool selling five records,’ Lupe insists. ‘But I’m going to sell five records to the five most powerful people in the world, and then we are gonna go out and partner, and change things.’” Copyright to: Vibe Media