Musenga Vhadzimu Primary School

by ashlynweight,
The Angel Rock Project South Africa is a non-profit organization working to bring much-needed support to the community of Diepsloot, a low-income post-apartheid township in Johannesburg. Recognizing the need at Musenga Vhadzimu Primary School in Diepsloot, Angel Rock sought to provide clean, reliable drinking water for students, staff and community grandmothers on the school’s campus.   In partnership with Angel Rock South Africa and Zero Mass Water, Musenga Vhadzimu Primary School installed 45 SOURCE Hydropanels as the first phase of their school-wide clean drinking water initiative. Today, students and grandmothers from grades 1-3 live with the peace of mind that their drinking water supply is clean, resilient and easily accessible from SOURCE taps placed around the school. Moving forward, the installation will be scaled to meet the needs of the entire campus.