This Startup Has Figured Out a Way to Pull Water Out of Thin Air – Inc.

by Inc.,
“When the power cut out at the Consumer Electronics Show -the world’s biggest annual tech show in Las Vegas- for nearly two hours on Wednesday, most demonstrators were out of luck. But not Zero Mass Water. The startup, which relies on solar energy, was set up outside under the bright Nevada sun. So while hordes of attendees tried to figure out what to do next, many of them found their way over to the company’s demonstration. Zero Mass Water’s premise is both incredibly simple and incredibly ambitious: It pulls clean drinking water straight out of thin air. Founded by Cody Friesen, a materials scientist, the startup’s Source system relies on an ultra-absorbent material that collects water at 20,000 times the concentration of the air around it. The setup is powered by solar panels, so it has no carbon footprint. “