How Cody Friesen Extracts Water from Air and Kindles Hope at Zero Mass Water – Venture Beat

by Venture Beat,
Cody Friesen had a big dream, and with Zero Mass Water he is making it come true. His team has figured out how to extract water from air, using nothing more than a solar electricity-powered panel. This is the first real update to the creation of drinking water since the Roman era, he says, and it could lead to everyone getting a perfect cup of water. Zero Mass Water showed how its Source Hydropanel can pull water out of thin air at CES 2019, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week. The panel creates conditions that allow condensation, akin to rain, to happen even in arid climates, said Friesen, who sat down with me in a tent outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center for an interview. Copyright to: Venture Beat