Zero Mass Water and Conservation International come together to provide Bahia Hondita, La Guajira with innovative technology to combat water scarcity challenges. March 6 Ribbon-Cutting Event Will Also Celebrate Community’s Commitment to Conservation BAHIA HONDITA, COLOMBIA – MARCH 6, 2020 – On the tip of the La Guajira peninsula in Colombia, a community once deemed […]

New SOURCE Rexi Hydropanel boasts half the size, easier installation and an increase in daily drinking water production. LAS VEGAS—JANUARY 6th, 2020—At a time when two million Americans don’t have access to running water, bottled water has become the most in-demand beverage and toxic Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) have been found in water supplies across […]

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“People focus on Flint, but Flint is part of a small piece of a wider problem. There are cities all across this country that potentially can have the same issues, and are suffering from the same issues. These antiquated water systems and lead in the pipes and the privatization of the water supply.” “‘You never […]

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Cody Friesen had a big dream, and with Zero Mass Water he is making it come true. His team has figured out how to extract water from air, using nothing more than a solar electricity-powered panel. This is the first real update to the creation of drinking water since the Roman era, he says, and it could […]

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Are you ready for this? It could be a game-changer …When tech guru Katie Linendoll visited our show, she brought with her a ZERO MASS Water SOURCE Hydropanel — and it’s pretty wild. “I am in the process of buying a new house now,” Katie said of the product. “This will absolutely be going in my house.” […]

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At Zero Mass Water, we make exactly one product: SOURCE Hydropanels. That’s right, Hydropanels. This term is meant to capture that SOURCE uses special solar panels that take sunlight and air and produce water, independent of all infrastructure. So no wires or pipes going in, and only a single tube filled with safe, delicious drinking […]