Deploying its Hydropanel technology at scale globally, Zero Mass Water provides a clean, sustainable and resilient community drinking water solution, powered by just sunlight and air. LAS VEGAS—JANUARY 6th, 2020—Zero Mass Water, a technology company dedicated to making clean water a boundless resource, today announced a new capability to rapidly create and deliver renewable water […]

by Cody Friesen,

Since Zero Mass Water’s inception, our mission as a company has been to fundamentally change our global relationship to water.  Families and communities around the world are using our SOURCE Hydropanels to provide reliable, resilient and renewable access to perfected drinking water. Now we are exploring what the technology could do for Flint. We are […]

by ABC News,

A family living in a remote aboriginal community in Western Australia has used crowd funding to solve a serious water contamination problem. After discovering their only source of water contained high levels of uranium the people of Buttah Windee raised enough money to build a water treatment plant. Copyright to: ABC News and MSN

by Dominique Bayens for ABC Mid West,

A fight for safe drinking water at Buttah Windee in Western Australia has been a fight for the survival of the community, and a battle they are proud to have won on their own. Almost a decade ago, resident Andrew Binsiar discovered the community’s water was tainted with naturally occurring uranium at more than twice […]

by Zero Mass Water,

(Moca, Puerto Rico) Feb. 27, 2019 – At a fire station in Moca, Puerto Rico SOURCE Hydropanel once deployed to restore water access in Hurricane Maria’s aftermath now provides resilience in the face of a new crisis: drought. A technology partner of the Caribbean Climate Smart Accelerator, Zero Mass Water, has installed its Hydropanels throughout […]

by Village Social Transformation Foundation,

The Village Social Transformation Foundation seeks to empower rural villages in Maharashtra, India, with development strategies and infrastructure to transform each one into a self-sustaining community. In February, the Foundation celebrated a massive achievement by enacting their vision of having 1,000 self-sustaining, model villages across the hinterlands of rural Maharashtra. (Each village is equipped to […]

by Quartz,

Honorable mention: Source hydropanels The panels aren’t for power, but capturing ambient water vapor in the air and converting it into potable water. The company, Zero Mass Water, has shown the product works in humanitarian efforts and even embedded in public works projects. Conceptually, it’s like a big dehumidifier, tuned to the task of making […]

by Inc.,

Zero Mass Water uses some nifty science to squeeze potable water from the air. Founder Cody Friesen, a materials scientist and associate professor at Arizona State University, spent nearly seven years developing the SOURCE Hydropanel. Using solar power, a single system can produce enough drinking water for two to three people each day–even in desert […]

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It was a hive of activity on day-two of AgQuip. Thousands of people came to see some of the newest technologies on the market, and recognize the achievements of the region’s top farmers. Copyright to: NBN News

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“When the power cut out at the Consumer Electronics Show -the world’s biggest annual tech show in Las Vegas- for nearly two hours on Wednesday, most demonstrators were out of luck. But not Zero Mass Water. The startup, which relies on solar energy, was set up outside under the bright Nevada sun. So while hordes of attendees tried […]