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A family living in a remote aboriginal community in Western Australia has used crowd funding to solve a serious water contamination problem. After discovering their only source of water contained high levels of uranium the people of Buttah Windee raised enough money to build a water treatment plant. Copyright to: ABC News and MSN

by Dominique Bayens for ABC Mid West,

A fight for safe drinking water at Buttah Windee in Western Australia has been a fight for the survival of the community, and a battle they are proud to have won on their own. Almost a decade ago, resident Andrew Binsiar discovered the community’s water was tainted with naturally occurring uranium at more than twice […]

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(Moca, Puerto Rico) Feb. 27, 2019 – At a fire station in Moca, Puerto Rico SOURCE Hydropanel once deployed to restore water access in Hurricane Maria’s aftermath now provides resilience in the face of a new crisis: drought. A technology partner of the Caribbean Climate Smart Accelerator, Zero Mass Water, has installed its Hydropanels throughout […]

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Enduring stage six water restrictions for almost a year, the town of Murrurundi is now home to ground-breaking new technology that harvests the sun and air to create clean drinking water. When Murrurundi Public School Principal Rebecca Hopkins arrived in mid-2018, she did not think the town’s dry conditions could get any worse. When water […]

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In Jamaica, bottled water is often seen as a necessity, even though the country struggles so much with plastic pollution that the government recently implemented a countrywide ban on plastic bags, straws, and Styrofoam. At the children’s ward of a local hospital, for example, tap water isn’t safe to drink, particularly for children with compromised immune systems. It […]

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It was a hive of activity on day-two of AgQuip. Thousands of people came to see some of the newest technologies on the market, and recognize the achievements of the region’s top farmers. Copyright to: NBN News

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As the worst drought in a century continues, spare a thought for the many Australians who live in towns that now have no water, apart from whatever they can truck in. Copyright to: TenPlay Channel Ten News Australia

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Global water shortages are still a major concern. Five billion people, about two-thirds of the population, could suffer from water scarcity by 2050. Jamie Yuccas shares with us a possible solution that could get drinking water out of air. For the past year Phoenix homeowner Nick Robbins has been drinking water from an unlikely source- […]

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge The founder of Zero Mass Water told me that this kind of early November heat was actually mild for the Arizona desert – and that regardless of the dry climate, he and his team were still able to produce water. Because that’s what Zero Mass does: harvest drinking […]

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Zero Mass Water has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for SOURCE, its hydropanel that makes the highest-quality drinking water by combining sunlight and air. Selected by a panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media, SOURCE has been recognized for its outstanding design and engineering in the smart […]