Deploying its Hydropanel technology at scale globally, Zero Mass Water provides a clean, sustainable and resilient community drinking water solution, powered by just sunlight and air. LAS VEGAS—JANUARY 6th, 2020—Zero Mass Water, a technology company dedicated to making clean water a boundless resource, today announced a new capability to rapidly create and deliver renewable water […]

by CleanTechnica,

Cody Friesen and his team at Zero Mass Water are looking to the future and in that future, they see water being the most precious resource for humans on this planet. A planet that’s warming as a result of catastrophic climate change only exasperates the current challenges with water. Developed nations suffer from broken infrastructure […]

by Zero Mass Water,

How do we fully digitize and perfect the drinking water experience? Zero Mass Water’s new sensor lets you know the quality of your water with confidence. Today at CES 2019, Zero Mass Water announced a new addition to its SOURCE sensor suite, called SOURCE Informed (SI), that brings real-time water-quality knowledge and automated optimization features […]

by Inc.,

“When the power cut out at the Consumer Electronics Show -the world’s biggest annual tech show in Las Vegas- for nearly two hours on Wednesday, most demonstrators were out of luck. But not Zero Mass Water. The startup, which relies on solar energy, was set up outside under the bright Nevada sun. So while hordes of attendees tried […]

by HGTV,

See our feature in HGTV while at the Consumer Electronic Show in January 2018! With SOURCE panels by Zero Mass Water, anybody in the world can have pure, tasty H20. All it takes? Air and sunshine! Zero Mass Water CEO, Cody Friesen explained “What we’re talking about is solar panels, that instead of making electricity, […]

by Katie Linendoll,

“Drinking water is something that we often take for granted. In areas where this resource is scarce, why not turn to Mother Nature to help us naturally solve this problem? In this episode we explore the innovative technology of Zero Mass Water, a hydropowered solar panel that uses the natural elements of sunshine and air […]

by IEEE,

The hydropanel. It looks a bit like a solar panel. Indeed, it is part solar— the side sections create heat using solar thermal technology (see photo, above); the center two sections of each panel are full of solar cells So it does generate a little electricity, enough to operate its fans, pump, and electronics. But […]

by CES,

Zero Mass Water has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for SOURCE, its hydropanel that makes the highest-quality drinking water by combining sunlight and air. Selected by a panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media, SOURCE has been recognized for its outstanding design and engineering in the smart […]