ADB and Zero Mass Water Commission Clean Technology to Deliver Safe, Reliable Drinking Water – ADB News

by ADB News,
“The Government of Vanuatu appreciates the support of its partners, ADB and ZMW, in this truly remarkable pilot project,” said Mr. Nirua who led the commissioning ceremony. “This technology fills a critical gap in providing safe drinking water to the Petros school community and we hope this pilot may be extended beyond the education sector.” While rainfall is plentiful and seasonal in Tanna, safe drinking water is not. Captured rainwater is regularly contaminated by sulfur dust from the very active nearby volcano, Mount Yasur. The collected water from the SOURCE Hydropanels flows into a reservoir where it is mineralized with calcium and magnesium for health and taste benefits, helping address the contamination issue. The technology also helps in environment preservation, with each hydropanel displacing about 50,000 standard PET bottles. “ADB, Zero Mass Water, and the Government of Vanuatu worked in partnership to install 20 solar-powered drinking water units that convert moisture in the air into safe drinking water,” said Mr. Groff. “This project is an excellent example of innovation and technology delivering real benefits to people in places like Tanna.”