A Critically Dry Town’s ‘Magical, Otherworldly’ Solution to Sustainable Clean Drinking Water – ABC News

by ABC New England,

Enduring stage six water restrictions for almost a year, the town of Murrurundi is now home to ground-breaking new technology that harvests the sun and air to create clean drinking water.

When Murrurundi Public School Principal Rebecca Hopkins arrived in mid-2018, she did not think the town’s dry conditions could get any worse. When water restrictions were raised to level six just a month later, she was proven wrong. “It was no way near as dire as it is now,” Ms Hopkins said. Restrictions include no watering of gardens and lawns, three-minute showers and limited laundry use. Answering emails in her office on a quiet afternoon last year, a cold call offered Mrs Hopkins a lifeline for the community’s plight. Word of Murrurundi’s crippling restrictions had reached Byron Bay, where sustainable food collective Three Blue Ducks decided to lend a hand. Early adopters of hydropanels, technology which harvests the sun and air to create clean drinking water, Three Blue Ducks decided to donate over $30,000 worth of panels to the small town of 1,000. The first school in New South Wales to host hydropanels, Mrs Hopkins said the generosity of the donation was overwhelming. Photography credit: Donal Sheil by ABC New England. Copyright to: ABC News New England