• Perfect drinking water created from sun & air for your home

We Reinvented Drinking Water

  • Water Independence

    With no piped or electrical input
    SOURCE Water is off-grid

  • Quality Assurance

    Rest easy with water quality ensured
    by constant Hydropanel monitoring

  • Low Humidity? No Problem

    SOURCE makes water below 10% relative humidity,
    unlike other water-from-air products

  • Renewable Water

    Solar-powered and package-free, SOURCE
    Water is good for you and the environment

Don't Take Our Word for It

  • SOURCE Protects Your Family

    • Hydropanels collect only pure water molecules from the air, leaving behind any pollutants
    • SOURCE Water begins as pure H20 and is enhanced with magnesium and calcium
    • Unlike other water options, SOURCE Water is safe from the start and made better with minerals

  • Know Your Water with the SOURCE User App

    • Track your water production and reservoir level
    • Monitor your water quality and get alerted if there’s ever a change
    • Get notified when it’s time to service your Hydropanels

  • Unparalleled Taste

    SOURCE Hydropanels mineralize water with a curated recipe so your water is not only safe to drink, it’s delicious!

More than 40 Countries and Counting

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