1,000 Self-Sustaining Communities In India With The Village Social Transformation Foundation

by Village Social Transformation Foundation,
The Village Social Transformation Foundation seeks to empower rural villages in Maharashtra, India, with development strategies and infrastructure to transform each one into a self-sustaining community. In February, the Foundation celebrated a massive achievement by enacting their vision of having 1,000 self-sustaining, model villages across the hinterlands of rural Maharashtra. (Each village is equipped to reach multiple developmental goals, including digital connectivity, resilient housing, water security, skill training, agricultural productivity, education, health, and sanitation). The village of Kolpimpri in Beed District, Maharashtra sought a clean drinking water supply that would relieve their residents from relying on surface water accessed from hand pumps. At the time of installation, the pre-existing water supply was dwindling; today it has run dry. Without SOURCE, Beed’s choices for drinking water now would be a 30-minute journey each way to collect and haul untreated water- a burden that would undoubtedly fall onto the children of the village, disrupting their education and risking their health. The SOURCE installation was completed when needed the most. Today, students at the Beed School fill up their glasses with the world’s most advanced water; the daily stress of water insecurity a reality of the past. “…the visible change that rural water supply interventions have brought to the people in VSTF selected villages is truly transformational.” – Ramnath Subramaniam, CEO of VSTF