Water for Life, or W4L, allows you to have drinking water independence and to do the same for others in need.


How does it work?

100% of the proceeds received for W4L go directly to the cost of a Hydropanel. Zero Mass Water does not take a net profit on contributions. As soon as a Hydropanel is funded, we put the wheels in motion with one of our local affiliates to identify and install SOURCE.

Our affiliates identify families in their communities that don’t have clean drinking water. Today we are supporting communities in South Africa, Puerto Rico, and the Middle East.

Because we value support, not handouts, these families don’t receive their Hydropanels for free – they buy SOURCE for the cost of getting it to their home and installation. This allows us to reach more people while building an ecosystem of affiliates, installers, and service providers in every SOURCE community. And the money they spend to have SOURCE stays in their community. Together, we are using our resources to enable perfected water independence worldwide and finally have Water for Life.

Why not just give panels for free?

We thought about it. We researched social enterprises, analyzed studies and articles from experts, and even published a call for feedback on our model. We learned that while it feels and seems like a good idea to give technology solutions to people who need them, we’re not solving the root of the problem.

When you give something away, you damage the market, remove incentives that support ecosystems around the technology, and fail to recognize recipients’ purchasing power and desire to contribute. Instead, we provide the Hydropanels themselves for free, charging only for cost of the logistics and installation, matching the cost to the ability of those in need to contribute.

Our Affiliates

The Rene Moawad Foundation’s (RMF) mission is to empower people in Lebanon and guarantee their dignity and basic rights while building their capacities as responsible citizens; this is accomplished through various projects in sectors like education, agricultural development, economic development, health and social care, and local authority development. RMF works with international donors such as USAID, the EU, UNHCR, and UNICEF to implement projects benefiting people across Lebanon.

Founded by Fouad Makhzoumi,The Makhzoumi Foundation works to mobilize resources, build partnerships and develop the capacities of the community in Lebanon while promoting targeted education, affordable healthcare, workable startups, sustainable development and secured livelihoods.

With Zero Mass Water, RMF is installing SOURCE Hydropanels to advance their mission through safe drinking water access & ownership for low-income communities in Lebanon.

The Rene Moawad Foundation's (RMF)

Together with Zero Mass Water, Makhzoumi Foundation installs SOURCE panels for low-income Lebanese families & Syrian refugee households across Lebanon. Through their micro-credit initiatives, SOURCE is affordable to families, giving them drinking water ownership.

Makhzoumi Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see where my contribution went?

Yes! We are developing a feed of stories and photos to share with our contributing members of W4L. We will email this to you as soon as we can make it available.

Is this tax deductible?

Your monthly or one-time contribution to W4L is not tax deductible. While nonprofit organizations fill an urgent need in our communities, we’re approaching the water crisis with a long-term systematic strategy. We believe that mission-driven, for-profit business will change the world. We invited you to be a part of this change as we build the tools to perfect water for every person, every place.