Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does SOURCE work at most humidity levels?

    SOURCE produces water in communities with a wide range of climates. Our array on the Zero Mass Water headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona makes water year-long despite low relative humidity. The Phoenix-Metro area can get below 5% relative humidity in the summer, and SOURCE still produces water in these incredibly dry conditions.

  • How do I get the water produced?

    SOURCE delivers water right to your fridge or a designated tap in your kitchen or to another dispenser of your choice. The SOURCE on-board pump produces 80 psi line pressure so water can be delivered to an in-sink dispenser and/or a refrigerator and integrated ice-maker.

  • How much does SOURCE cost?

    SOURCE is manufactured in Arizona, USA and pricing varies by location due to shipping, taxes, and installation. Installation elements are outlined below, and delivery depends on your location. With a fifteen-year life, your SOURCE will provide you with a case of delicious water per day, or 12 standard bottles, for less than $1.00! Place your risk-free deposit today for your custom site survey and estimate. For additional pricing questions, please contact ZMW directly in the US or your local distributor around the world, contact information can be found on the Global page of our site.

  • How do I know what my installation will entail?

    A standard residential installation typically includes:
    Mounting two panels to a roof or ground area (includes lift and full assembly),
    Connecting the reservoir to an existing dispenser within 10 meters (~30 ft) of the panels through an exterior wall,
    Ensuring that the panels make and deliver drinking water with ease.

    It is important to us that you are delighted with every aspect of your SOURCE installation. We know non-standard requirements for your use may occur, such as:
    Roof requiring additional construction to support the panels,
    Selection of a new dispenser (wall mount, new counter faucet that requires drilling),
    A more challenging dispenser location that requires additional work (like an island), or
    Dispenser location more than 30 feet from the panels.

    These additional requirements may incur additional time and materials costs from your installer to make your install exactly what you desire. Your installer will provide this estimate to you in the site survey.

  • How does SOURCE get installed?

    After we receive your deposit and your contact information, a SOURCE representative will contact you to learn more about your home or other install location. Armed with key site information, we will then schedule your install date with a certified SOURCE installer. Your panels will be mounted in location, connected to a reservoir of your choice (typically refrigerator dispenser, in-sink side tap (like reverse osmosis tap), or a wall-mounted bottle-filler), and tested to ensure you’re delighted with the results. Installation is typically a half-day process and varies based on number of panels and dispenser location.

  • How long does SOURCE last?

    The SOURCE mechanical components have an engineering life of fifteen years.

  • What if I have any issues with my SOURCE?

    Send a note to our team at for assistance with any issues or call us at +1-855-796-9283.

  • How much maintenance does SOURCE require?

    SOURCE is low-maintenance, requiring the air filter (similar to a standard A/C filter) and polishing cartridge to be changed once annually & the mineral cartridge once every 5 years.

  • Can I store my water?

    Each SOURCE panel can store 60 standard bottles’ worth of water. A standard SOURCE array has two panels, giving you 120 bottles of water when full - that’s 5 cases*! Some owners might have additional storage needs beyond the two 30-liter reservoirs, but adding a separate container is straightforward - simply reach out to learn more.
    *standard 500mL bottles

  • Will pollution in the air make its way into my water?

    SOURCE captures only pure water in the reservoir - air quality does not impact SOURCE water quality. The calcium and magnesium cartridge then adds minerals for optimal health benefits and taste. Our self-cleaning reservoir makes sure that the delicious water SOURCE makes remains perfect even when stored for extended periods.

  • Is there a way to see how much water is being produced?

    A single SOURCE panel will produce 4-10 standard bottles of water per day, on average*. For a standard 2-panel array, that's 8-20 bottles depending on local conditions. With SOURCE ownership you'll have the ability to monitor your water production in our mobile app.
    *standard 500mL bottles

  • Do the panels produce energy for me to power my home?

    SOURCE is a completely independent drinking water solution; it efficiently utilizes solar power to generate the right amount of electricity required to run its own system to produce water and charge the battery that ensures you can dispense water at night. SOURCE can easily co-exist with a solar PV panel array on the same roof to provide the power needs you would like satisfied.

  • How large are the panels?

    Each panel is 48 x 96 inches. The angle of the panel changes from city to city and is optimized to capture the most sunlight possible during the key hours of the day. Visit the SOURCE page to learn more about the technical specifications of SOURCE.

  • How much does each panel weigh?

    Each SOURCE panel weighs about 275 lbs and is mounted to the roof or ground using a specially designed mounting system to equally distribute the weight and guarantee low impact on your roof. We train all of our install partners to ensure impeccable installation practices.

  • Why can’t I install the panel myself?

    The quality of your water is important to us. In order to ensure that the panel is installed and functioning to the highest standard, we require a licensed professional who has completed training with us to install the panels.

  • How can I join the Zero Mass Water team?

    We are always looking for innovative leaders to join our team, feel free to email with your cover letter and resume and the area of work you’d be interested in on the subject line. We’ll be sure to pass along to the appropriate Zero Mass Water party.

  • How can I become a distributor?

    Thank you for your interest. If you would like to become a distributor, please visit our Global page for more information.

  • Does SOURCE work in freezing climates?

    SOURCE uses in-panel measurement tools and machine learning to understand when it is not safe to operate due to freezing conditions. When the air reaches near freezing, SOURCE will enter Hibernation Mode and will remain protected until it senses it is safe to operate again. For areas where this may be weeks at a time, we can discuss external reservoir options to provide access to water during this time.