US Company Launches New Solar-powered Water Production Device in Cape Town – 24 News

by 24 News,
The private sector can play a pivotal role in relieving the impact of the drought, and US expertise can help, US consul general in Cape Town Virginia Blaser said on Tuesday. Blaser was speaking at the launch of a new solar “water from air” device by Zero Mass Water, a US company based in Arizona. Zero Mass Water’s SOURCE Hydropanels use sunlight and air to make safe, pure drinking water. Powered entirely by solar, SOURCE extracts water vapour from the air and converts it into liquid water similar to distilled water.This water is then mineralised with magnesium and calcium before being delivered to a tap. Research has indicated that southern Africa’s water resources are likely to decrease further as a result of climate change and rapidly increasing population growth and urbanisation. It has to date been unclear whether Cape Town has managed to ward off ‘Day Zero’, or for how long. Copyright: fin24, News 24,, iab South Africa