by Rachael Ray Show,

Are you ready for this? It could be a game-changer …When tech guru Katie Linendoll visited our show, she brought with her a ZERO MASS Water SOURCE Hydropanel — and it’s pretty wild. “I am in the process of buying a new house now,” Katie said of the product. “This will absolutely be going in my house.” […]

by Katie Linendoll,

“Drinking water is something that we often take for granted. In areas where this resource is scarce, why not turn to Mother Nature to help us naturally solve this problem? In this episode we explore the innovative technology of Zero Mass Water, a hydropowered solar panel that uses the natural elements of sunshine and air […]

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Ask This Old House smart technology expert Ross Trethewey finds a solar panel that can generate clean drinking water out of thin air. Copyright to: Ask This Old House,  This Old House Ventures, LLC

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Dubbed Source Hydropanels, this technology complies with USEPA standards for drinking water and compensates for 70,000 plastic bottles after 10 years of use. Arizona-based renewable water company Zero Mass Water has developed an off-grid, self-sustained water producing technology dubbed Source Hydropanels. Integrated fans inside each panel draw air into the Source and hygroscopic material components absorb the water […]

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Cody Friesen, CEO of Zero Mass Water, fundamentally changing our relationship to water at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017. Copyright to: Hello Tomorrow, Web Style Productions, BETAVITA and IMMAGINARTI Digital & Video

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge The founder of Zero Mass Water told me that this kind of early November heat was actually mild for the Arizona desert – and that regardless of the dry climate, he and his team were still able to produce water. Because that’s what Zero Mass does: harvest drinking […]

by Zero Mass Water,

Zero Mass Water collaborates with Empowered by Light, Give Power and SunRun to bring energy and water to disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

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In an age when 663 million people globally live without access to clean water, and one person dies from a waterborne illness every minute or two, it’s no wonder that H2O has been dubbed “the new oil.” Even if you do think you have access to clean water, recent scandals like Flint, Michigan, show that there’s a […]