Innovative technology brings access to clean water in rural Vanuatu

by Zero Mass Water,
While rainfall may be plentiful in Tanna, safe drinking water is not. And captured rainwater is regularly contaminated by sulphur dust from Mt. Yasur.

Seeing this constraint, an ADB team helped conceptualize a possible solution with the Government of Vanuatu and Zero Mass Water.

Working in partnership, we began a pilot project about nine months ago. Local community members cleared a patch of land, helped lay a concrete slab right here where I am standing, and worked with Zero Mass Water and ADB to install 20 panels with solar-powered drinking water technology that converts the sunshine, air, and rain into safe drinking water.

Today I am delighted to join the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Education, and all the children here at the Petros school for a special commissioning ceremony to officially inaugurate this pilot.

This means that anyone in community around the Petros Primary School can come to this tap site and collect water that is instantly ready for drinking.