• Your Water is Unlimited;
    All You Need is Sunlight & Air

    You need access to high quality water without required electricity input nor the reliance on ground, sea or rain water. You need a solution that can solve for both distributed water access and centralized large-scale off-take. You need a purchase option that fits with your organization’s fiscal goals. You need water that is truly renewable.

  • How to Purchase

    1. Pay Per Volume – Prefer to pay only for water? ZMW will install SOURCE Hydropanel Field on-site and deliver water on an as-contracted basis. Water as a service, customized for your needs.
    2. Purchase Hydropanels – Prefer to purchase up-front? Own your SOURCE Field outright and enjoy the benefit for the lifetime of the Hydropanels.

  • "The Whisper Valley community recently installed Zero Mass Water's SOURCE Hydropanels at its clubhouse. They've come in handy under the City of Austin's boil water notice."

  • "But the hospital now has a new source of readily available, clean drinking water: It’s using solar-powered “Hydropanels” on the roof that pull moisture from the air."

  • "Residents can now enjoy high-quality, renewable drinking water following the installation of 10 Hydropanels at the Muswellbrook Indoor Sports Centre."

  • "Technology that produces drinking water from sunlight and air has been installed at Petros Primary School on the Vanuatu island of Tanna."

  • "Samburu Girls' rescue centre taps solar technology to end water woes."

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