• Clean drinking water made on-site, any site, anywhere in the world

We Reinvented Drinking Water

  • Infrastructure-Free

    With no piped or electrical input,
    SOURCE Water is off-grid

  • Monitored Quality

    Pure liquid water pulled straight from the air and
    monitored remotely for quality and production

  • Low Humidity? No Problem

    SOURCE makes water below 10% relative humidity,
    unlike other water-from-air products

  • Scale To Any Need

    Modular by design, SOURCE arrays can scale up
    to meet any drinking water demand

Don't Take Our Word for It

  • Taste Profile

    Because Hydropanels collect only water molecules from the air, SOURCE Water starts like a blank canvas. SOURCE adds a curated mineral recipe of magnesium and calcium achieving optimal taste and mouthfeel.

    • Calcium 20 ppm       • Magnesium 10 ppm       • pH 8

    *These are targeted concentrations and pH can vary slightly but not vary materially.

  • Water Production

    Generate 1,000,000+ liters of water monthly, wherever you need it.

    Space Water Production
    1,100 sq. meters Up to 30,000 L/month
    3,000 sq. meters Up to 76,000 L/month
    6,500 sq. meters Up to 150,000 L/month

  • Payment Structures

    1. Pay Per Volume – Prefer to pay only for water? ZMW will install SOURCE Hydropanel Field on-site and deliver water on an as-contracted basis. Water as a service, customized for your needs.

    2. Purchase Hydropanels – Prefer to purchase up-front? Own your SOURCE Field outright and enjoy the benefit for the lifetime of the Hydropanels.

More than 40 Countries and Counting

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