Solar power making perfect water from the air – for your house

by Zero Mass Water,
ZeroMassWater has developed a solar panel kit – “Source” – that uses its electricity to draw water from the atmosphere. The kit delivers up to 5 liters (1.3 gallons) of pure water per day in optimal locations. The unit can be installed and integrated into a regular house. “Our vision is perfect water for every person, in every place” – Cody Friesen, the founder, CEO and MIT PhD. The hardware costs $2,000 per unit – and when compared to the price of bottled water per the manufacturer – will cover its costs in five years. The CEO suggests a unit could offset 70,000 plastic water bottles over the course of its lifetime. The ‘hydropanels’ are already installed in eight countries including: The US, UK, UAE, Lebanon, Ecuador, Jordan, Mexico and the Philippines.